I’ll have one soon.

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It’s been a long time my friends.

I have been away because I am currently writing a book. You heard me. I’m writing a book.

Oh, and also working like four jobs, volunteering for a cat rescue center (I’m more of a dog person, really) and going to school.

But also, I’m writing a book.

Truth be told, I’m putting all my inspiration into this book right now. With that being said, I still think you all deserve an update.

I’ll have one soon.


10 thoughts on “I’ll have one soon.

      1. I love that idea, I’ve thought of that for a book for me too, but it would have to be handled differently for me. Plus, I’ve already been working on the other ones for 6-7 years now, so I need to finish that one first. I’m opposite, fiction comes much easier for me, talking about my boring life second.

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        1. Yeah you should definitely consider a book for your blog. I think it would be awesome! Very funny.

          What are your other books? Are any of them close to completion?

          I need to make more time for mine that’s for sure.


          1. I’ve definitely thought about it. Just need to decide what way I’m going to present the material.
            I am working on an epic novel about a guy that gets trapped in the video game world. I’ve written the first draft, but honestly have to start all over, because so much has changed except the basics. It’s quite a task and will take years, unless I find a way to work on it more.
            I have the same problem as you, just need to spend more time on it.


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